Served daily from 7.30am to 11am


Eggs on Toast $12.00

Fried, poached or scrambled eggs on toasted turkish.


Bacon and Eggs on Toast $16.00

Bacon and fried, poached or scrambled eggs on toasted turkish.


Smashed Avocado and Vegemite (v)   $18.50

Toasted Turkish with a light spread

of vegemite topped with smashed avocado

and poached eggs

Eggs Benedict $18.50

Served with ham or bacon, poached eggs and

hollandaise sauce on toasted turkish bread.

OR smoked salmon               $22.50

Bermi’s Smokey Benedicto $18.50

House made baked beans, poached eggs on toasted Turkish with a smoky chipotle sauce


Big Breakfast $24

Bacon, eggs, chipolata, hash brown,

tomato, mushrooms and toasted turkish


Vego Breakfast $22

Grilled tomato, mushrooms, baby spinach, haloumi, hash brown, avocado, eggs and toasted turkish

Bacon and Egg Turkish $9.50

Bacon and egg toasted Turkish sandwich with your choice of sauce or tomato relish

Raisin Toast   $7

Two slices of cafe style raisin toast served with butter

Toast (Turkish Bread) $6

Served with your choice of spreads

Muesli $14

Natural muesli with a crunchy granola, Greek yoghurt, milk, fresh fruit and honey     



Beachside Pancakes


Berry Heaven Pancakes   $17

Seasonal Berries,

caramel sauce and ice-cream

Canadian Pancakes   $18

Crispy bacon and maple syrup


Regular Stack Pancakes   $15

Ice-cream and maple syrup.


Bananarama Pancakes   $17

Grilled banana, homemade

butterscotch sauce and ice-cream 

Add extra pancake $3.00

Additional Extras

Bacon (1 rash)                     $4.00

Smoked Salmon                  $4.00

Haloumi                                $3.00

Holendaise Sauce               $3.00     

Hash Brown                         $2.00

Avocado                                $3.00

Grilled tomato                     $3.00

House made Beans            $3.00

Mushrooms                         $3.00


Banana smoothie               $9.00

Mixed berry smoothie      $9.00

Milkshake                             $6.50

Iced Coffee                           $7.50

Iced Chocolate                    $7.50

Cans soft drink                    $4.00



We are happy to modify meals to accommodate dietary requirements.  Many of our meals are Gluten free when substituted with gluten free bread.  Please ask our staff.